About me:


My name is Uwe Reichmann, born in Leverkusen, now i live in Solingen.

I work in big  Telecommunication company in Cologne.

I startet my training at the Deutschen Bahn AG to be an  

communikations-electronic trade Information-technology and finished 1997 successfully.

My time in the army i spend in the 4./StFmBtl 820 (KRK) in Düsseldorf.

I was a radio operator.

after this i worked for a short while in a time company, 

in Summer 1998 i started working for o.tel.o in cologne.

I worked here in the "NMC" The Network Management Center. 

I supervised the national and international transmission links in the SDH and PDH Networks.

(once a telecommunication soldier, ever a communication soldier !!)

In August 2002 they closed the Site in Cologne and all employees were fired...

After 11 Month of unemployment, i finally found a job at E-Plus, a german Mobile Phone Company.

I work now in their Operation and Maintenance Center in Ratingen.



In Summer 1996 i started to photograph.

At first i borrowed a Canon compact camera from my parents.

And this one i used till i buyed my first own camera in march 1997 the Yashica T5

This camera was since then by my side, 

but at the end of my time at the army i sold "her" to a fellow-soldier.

In December 1997 I buyed the Canon EOS 5, a very good camera which i could truly recommend.

But after a while my claim grewed, and I wanted something different,  

I could "satisfy" this claim with the NIKON F5.

Both cameras have their pros and cons, but I wont name them now.


The Telelenses are my favourite lenses. My absolute Favourite is the AFS-Nikkor 80-200mm / 1:2,8D-ED, 

Highspeed at highquality optical performance.

But to recommend too as a "always in service", is the AF-Nikkor 28-105mm / 1:3,5-4,5.

A good wide angle zoom with light tele focal length. 

It got a special Macro mode in the  50-105mm focal lenght and its offers to a scale till 1:2, 

The  28-105mm is a real good "wool-milk-pig"   ;-)


Since a time I occupy myself with the Medium-Format.

A friend told me once: "If you once startet with the medium format, you´ll never like your 35mm Pictures...."        unfortunately, she was right... !! ( it will become expensive...!)


I exposed a few Photos with the 645 pro TL and i was really surprised about the Quality of this format, but this effect didn´t come across in the 11th. Gallery... not really...

In the end of 2000 I´ve buyed another Mamiya, the Mamiya RZ 67  - The more bigger Format and Quality !

Since December 2000 i got my own flat, where I build up my own studio soon.

FAQ: What do you think about digital photography !?

I don´t like the digital photography at this time. If you going to post something very fast into the internet,there will be nothing else wich is better,but if you going to order a poster from your super shot, you got a real "BIG" problem, the low resolution of those pictures... But this will change during the next years and so i will wait till i get more performance and quality for my money !

but now we go ahead:

I prefer to photograph landscape scenerys and Citys at night, and i like Portraits too,

and when i´ve overtaken some approvals, a Portrait gallery will be implemented...

When i´m photographing Portraits, i´d rather prefer the available light, a flash isn´t good at all...
...he might "flash" some nice moods away..

I´ve already photographed some marriages, to the full satisfaction of my customers.


My Hobby´s are:   listen to the music, take a walk, go shopping, surfing in the internet, and work on my Homepage.
I keep up my pen friendships via e-mail,
and if the work let me go, i spend my time with some special friends.

I don´t have a girlfiend, but i´m the more or less on the everlasting search...

I like chinese and italian food, I like bavarian beer, greek whine, and occasional Lambrusco.


If you got any further questions to my person, dont hesitate to ask me for it, under: webmaster@photo-reichmann.de


with best regards,


Uwe Reichmann


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